The Roe Corporation | Real Estate Services Firm

Concepting and Storyboards, Positioning, Naming, Logo, Brochure, Copy Writing, Promotional Materials: Mugs, Hats, Pens, Napkins, Collateral Materials including Condo Plan Books, Advertising, Media Strategy, Signage: Bridge Signs, Banners, Subway Posters and Billboards, Animation, Photography, Web Site, Sales Center Design

4 Elbows was referred to The Roe Corporation by another developer and was hired to work on all the creative marketing and advertising. Fusion LIC is a boutique 24, two bedroom, 2 bath luxury condominium in Long Island City. From the building materials to the finishes thedevelopers choose top of the line everything. The Roe Corporation teamed up with Kohler and was the first residential building to feature the Kohler DTV shower experience. Fusion, located in LIC, is
in a neighborhood on the brink of gentrification. 4 Elbows targeted the marketing campaign toward pioneer buyers, priced out of Manhattan but with knowledge of the real estate market. An identity for the property was developed that bridged all the marketing materials and aided Fusion with its being 80% sold prior to completion that’s anticipated for summer 2007.